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Posted by Marc - 01-06-2012 01:01 AM
That helps sarc
Posted by Ivan - 01-06-2012 12:15 AM
good grief! Blush this is a shitty post! real shitty. desperate for a story!

1. 'It was only a small portion' - when actually it's much larger

2. 'I'll have a big lunch so I won't eat much after this' - when in fact they know they will

3. 'I only treat myself once in a while' - they munch on treats throughout the day

4. 'I always eat my five-a-day' - they rarely eat five a day

5. 'I didn't touch any of the biscuits' - they had five

6. 'I only had one glass' - they drank the bottle

7. 'I didn't eat the last one' - when they clearly did

8. 'I won't eat again today after this' - they know they will

9.'I was too busy to have lunch' - despite being busy they always make time for lunch

10. 'I might as well polish them off now or they'll go bad' - they have plenty of time left on the best before date

11. 'I had a salad so that's healthy' - (despite dressings etc)

12. 'I never touch fast food' - only when no one is looking

13. 'Red wine is good for you' - not in vast quantities

14. ' I only have half a sugar' - half a very large spoon

15. 'I limit my carb intake' - but don't count potatoes

16. 'I'm testing the dinner' - I test it at least five times whilst cooking it

17. 'I only had a drink because we were toasting an occasion' - the toast lasted all night long

18. 'I only drink diet fizzy drinks' - although full fat ones are regularly consumed

19. 'I just finished off the kids leftovers' - they left a lot

20. 'I don't drink tea after 5pm' - although they have one at 7.30pm sometimes
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