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Party Committee of Beijing Centers for Disease Control

In order to further discipline, compact responsibility, and ensure that all prevention and control work is carried out in an efficient and standardized manner, the Party Committee of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a wartime state order, requiring its party members and employees to fully recognize the "critical period", "critical moment", and "keys" The urgency and importance of the moment, consciously established a "very conscious" and entered a "wartime state."

The first is to insist on using "state of war" to lead the thinking.

The center not only fulfills the city's epidemic prevention and control duties, provides professional technical support duties for government decision-making, but also implements the "unit responsibility" of the "quartet responsibility" to protect the safety and health of all employees, both of which are equally important and cannot be sidelined. Under the unified leadership of the Party Committee, it unconditionally obeys the decision-making and deployment of the Party Committee in the wartime state and serves the current prevention and control work. It resonates at the same frequency, obeys unified orders, unified commands, and acts.

The second is to insist on strengthening implementation with "wartime standards."

All party members and cadres must take overall consideration into account and resolutely put an end to work mistakes caused by this mistake. All employees must unconditionally obey work scheduling and consciously obey management. Strengthen the work style and achieve "the end of the day and the end of the day"; adhere to the problem-oriented, responsibility-oriented, sensitive matters in the prevention and control, unexplained events and the work of leaders at all levels, to understand the situation and guide commence to work.
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G-Zero Guest

G-Zero Guest

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The Party Committee of the #Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just issued a wartime state order to contain the - #COVID19 - coronavirus outbreak. In other words, full MARTIAL LAW declared on 21 million people.

Yes, and now what!!!
Coronavirus WARTIME LOCKDOWN: Chinese cities in emergency mode - banned from leaving homes

CHINA has been plunged into further chaos from coronavirus after districts in major cities introduced "wartime" lockdowns, banning all people from leaving their homes.

We have to keep an eye on #Singapore, a place of #SARS seasoned health leaders and the best health system in the world. If they lose control of #COVID19 the rest of the world will, too. It's a #pandemic barometer, of sorts.
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