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The Greys are the extra-terrestrial species that are most often reported by people around the world. Reports from individuals who have been in contact with the Greys vary on their intentions: some say they are kind beings-here to guide us through our evolution, while others believe they are cruel invaders intent on ruling the planet. One thing is certain, most people who have come in contact with Greys believe that they are actively abducting people on a regular basis. The Greys are reported to be abducting individuals and extracting eggs or semen to create a grey-human hybrid.
The Greys are the extra-terrestrial species that are alleged to have crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. Also, it is widely believed among researchers that the Grey species entered an agreement with the U.S. government to provide us "hardware" in the form of advanced technology for "software", which is human beings. . . . .

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Since the primary species involved is that of the Greys, we will concentrate on that species. Over the last several years , researchers have unearthed plenty of evidence that:

The United States made one or more agreements with a species described as the tall Greys, and has agreed not to interfere with alien operational plans in trade for technology. Agreements made In 1934, 1964, and 1972.

The large Greys use smaller cloned big-headed Greys to perform abduction and examination work. It is these Greys that abductees see most of the time.

The Grey clones are also performing biological work which necessitates the termination of various species on the surface of the Earth, which is not governed or protected under the treaty made with the US government. Underground installations are the only sovereign areas under the treaty.

Biological products are gathered for other genetic work, which includes cloning, DNA enrichment, and cross-breeding with human beings.

Researchers will recall that the disk that crashed in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico had several reptilian species on board, as well as the body parts and clothing of several Army-Air Force officers.

The Grey clones are abducting human females, both temporarily and permanently, and using them for cross-breeding in order to produce a new hybrid species that does not have the inherent genetic weaknesses of the Grey species. Research indicates that this cross-breeding is somewhat successful, and that some of the alien species that have been seen by humans are a direct result of the success of the program.

The Grey species in general is more on the order of an electronically based space society with a common social memory complex that allows them to collectively function as areas of group-mind. Groups of Greys are controlled from one central source being, usually one of the large Greys, a Blond humanoid, or other dominant species.

The Greys also maintain the technology to create clones and implant memory from another source into the clones. Implantation technology, a trademark of Orion-based species, is routinely used as a method of social control. The United States government, specifically agencies like the CIA and the NSA, have undertaken to develop parallel technology which is a direct result of cooperation and interaction with extraterrestrial biological entities. All these methods of control are domination based and counterproductive to evolvement of individual beings.

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For the Greys, the main motivation for the genetic work with humans is the survival of the Grey species, which is genetically damaged. Travel outside the 3rd dimension also bridges the human concept of time. Some species, such as the Essessani, claim that they are the result of hybrid genetics that are being performed at this time. We’re seeing a lot of hybrid species, as well as species in different stages of their own evolution.

The Grey species is not based on individualization or being an individual entity. For entities maintaining a group mind set ( social memory complex ), individualization seems to cause a great deal of random energy loss. They were initially fascinated both with human individuality and the human emotional spectrum, which they can perceive but apparently do not comprehend what it means ( to the human ). They do understand the concept of bonding, but only intellectually in terms of bonding ( between human mother/ovum source and an alien cross-breed child ) that will serve to contribute to the survival of the cross-breed. They recognize the need for it in the child in terms of survival. The Grey mind-set and abilities/weaknesses will be discussed later in this work.

Species objectives appear to be founded on a rigid domination survival-based social order, where their “religion” is science, their social structure is geared to obedience and duty, their military concepts are grouped around conquest, colonization, and domination through covert mind control programs.

The way the Greys seem to locate subjects for their work is more or less a result of their efforts to find human entities who vibrate in resonance ( or a harmonic thereof ) to their vibrational complex. One of the human aspects that promotes this resonance is fear, which almost amounts to permission from the Grey standpoint.

It has become apparent that abductees are also being trained on alien equipment for some future time. Researchers have pegged that time between 1990 and 1996, based on regression sessions involving hundreds of abductees over the course of several years. No clinical success has been achieved in pegging exact dates, due to the strength and level of the mental block which is imposed on the abductee. Very often memory blocks are tied in with the survival instinct of the human, which makes the block extremely hard to penetrate.

The Grey species can tolerate radioactivity at levels humans cannot stand. The apparent reason for this involves species exposure to a nuclear interchange in the distant past which promoted degradation of their genetic structure. This aspect is noted in terms of where the Greys frequent in the United States, especially base areas, which are near nuclear facilities, waste storage, etc. Animal mutilations are highest in these areas also. A connection? Yes.

Most atomic structure in this localized sector of the universe maintains an clockwise spin. For some reason, the Greys/EBE’s are sensitive to materials with a counterclockwise spin. It has been stated by some researchers that sugar and the AIDS virus have a relationship with left-hand spin material.

Note: When one of the Greys dies, its implant serves as a focusing device for retrieval of the body. There have been several cases where Greys have died in front of witnesses and the bodies have been ‘beamed’ away.

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The big-headed Grey is the most commonly seen of the species by human beings. The evidence seems to indicate that they are subservient to the taller Greys, which seem in many cases to be monitoring what the smaller ones are doing. Research indicates that these smaller Greys are clones that collectively possess an electronically monitored and controlled social memory complex that allows them to function effectively in a group-mind mode. They do not have distinct individuality, as the larger Greys seem to have. The approximate height of the big-headed Grey is 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall, and according to autopsy results gained between 1951 and 1978, they have an average weight of about 40 pounds.

The proportions of the head to the body are similar to a human five month fetus. This clearly seems to reflect a very ancient nature as a species as well as the fact that their DNA patterns lie within a specific band that is on a more primitive scale.

Species skin tone variation seems to be widespread, with skin colors ranging from bluish grey to beige, tan, brown or white. There are other factors which appear to affect skin color, and one of them is the state of general health of the entity. Skin color is known to change after they have consumed nourishment.

There are no reproductive organs or reproductive capability with the cloned species. The larger Greys apparently have some vestigial reproductive capability, and some of the hybrid species that have been cross bred with the reptilian species have full reproductive capability. The brain capacity is estimated to be between 2500 and 3500 cc, compared to 1300 cc for the average human. Due to the cloning process, the neural matter is artificially grown brain matter, and the Greys have known technology that enables them to insert memory patterns and consciousness into clones in any matter or pattern that they wish.

The Greys consume nourishment through a process of absorption through their skin. The process, according to abductees who have witnessed it, involves spreading a biological slurry mixture that has been mixed with hydrogen peroxide ( which oxygenates the slurry and eliminates bacteria ) onto their skin. Waste products are then excreted back through the skin. Many abductees have noted that the Greys have a distinct series of odors, many of them appear to be similar to a mentholated cinnamon smell.

The larger Greys have a more pronounced nose and are more human in appearance. According to some government sources, these extraterrestrial biological entities called themselves the EBAN. It is with the larger Greys that elements of the government made a series of diplomatic agreements in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70's.

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Physiological Characteristics of Some Grey-Reptilian, Species Autopsied by the United States Government

1990 N.A.R.

Alien Life Form:

Term used by the government to describe the Greys’ in terms of being a malevolent life form. The deal with the Greys is that their field around their body is different from ours to the point where merging of the fields ends up creating physical symptoms (the ”body terror” mentioned by people like Whitley Strieber). The field around them is in direct opposition to ours. It is an anti-life field, as these specific species are on a devolutionary spiral. They are akin to soldiers of fortune, and offer their advanced technology in trade for things they require. They are experts at manipulation of both the human body (through manipulation of the fields) and the human mind. They require blood and other biological fluids to survive. They abduct humans and animals in order to acquire these fluids. They implant small devices near the brain which potentially gives them total control and monitoring capability. These devices are very difficult to detect.

The analysis of the devices by technical staff has produced a description that Involves use of crystalline technology combined with molecular circuitry and these ride on the resonant emissions of the brain and the various fields of the human. Information is entrained on the brain waves. It appears that all attempts to remove the implants (1972) have resulted in the death of the human. They perform surgery and other operations on human subjects.- These abductions continue to be an ongoing matter. A list of abductees is provided periodically to MAJI, although it is known that many more are abducted than are reported. These aliens also claim to have played a very significant part in the planets religious history, and have provided MAJI with supporting evidence of this.


Various descriptions of the ALF’s relate the following characteristics: Between 3 to 5 feet in height, erect standing biped, small thin build, head larger than humans, absence of auditory lobes (external), absence of body hair, large tear-shaped eyes (slanted approximately 35 degrees) which are opaque black with vertical slit pupils, arms resembling praying mantis (normal attitude) which reach to the knees, long hands with small palm, claw-like fingers ( various number of digits- often two short digits and two long, but some species have three or four fingers), tough gray skin which is reptilian in texture, small feet with four small claw-like toes, organs that are similar to human organs but have obviously developed according to a different evolutionary process; a non-functioning digestive system; two separate brains; movement is deliberate, slow and precise; alien subsistence requires that they must have human blood and other biological substances to survive. In extreme circumstances they can subsist on other (cattle) animal fluids.

Food is converted to energy by chlorophyll by a photosynthetic process (this supports results gained from autopsies at 29 Palms underground base where it was seen that their “blood” was greenish and the tissue was black). Waste products are secreted through the skin. The two separate brains are separated by mid-cranial lateral bone (anterior and posterior brain). There is no apparent connection between the two. Some autopsies have revealed a crystalline network which is thought to have a function in telepathic (and other) functions which help to maintain the group-consciousness between members of the same^species. Functions of group consciousness in this species does have a disadvantage is that decisions in this species come rather slowly as the matter at hand filters through the group awareness to those who must make a decision.

This initial report is concerned with two groups of aliens: Greys and Reptilians. There are several different kinds of both Greys and Reptilians, but for now I will simply refer to them as single groups. Both groups live on this planet or beneath its surface and in space. They have been here for a long time.

The Greys are also "working” for Reptilians, relative to the abductee as an individual and to the human race as a whole. They have been used by the Reptilians as the middlemen, doing the work and exposing themselves to us on behalf of and instead of the Reptilians. The Greys are consistently referred to as a mercenary force, though they themselves will often say that they “have no choice”, that they themselves are the slaves, presumably in their own culture or to the Reptilians.

The Greys are engaged in abduction and related activity, as they tell it, in order to survive. A great deal of the above is relative to their survival on an individual basis. They don’t eat humans, but they use biological substances from humans (such as glandular secretions) in a manner we can compare with eating. (They absorb nutrients through their skin.) They milk us in the way we milk cows and they need what they take from us, or think they do. As a species, they are using material from us to recreate themselves, by creating their next generation with hybrids. Most of them can no longer individually produce offspring. I’ve been told that only one in a hundred or a thousand Greys can even conceive and that most of those babies do not live.
. . . . Some Reptilians, on the other hand, eat us like we eat chicken. In the United States, there are rumors of great, underground food-storage rooms full of preserved human bodies. Sometimes the rumor has it that the bodies are those of children. I asked the Greys why, if this was true, would it be children? I was told that it is not only children but also adults that Reptilians eat. Children are preferred because they are generally unpoisoned by substances like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other things adults are saturated with, as a group.

The Reptilians don’t seem to be dependent on us as a food source, although part of their experimental work with us is toward the end of future food supply/production. When they become involved with crossbreeding (humans and Reptilians), they are not doing it for racial survival but for the purpose of creating a subclass (slave race) within their own culture. These half-breeds are to be biological war machines and laborers, etc. They are to be someone else’s property. Most contemporary monsters or oddities (such as the Cabbit, half-cat-half-rabbit, that was found in New Mexico in the 1970’s) were probably created by or are otherwise related to Reptilian and/or government genetic research.

The Reptilians seem to have little regard for us as living beings. (They think that we are as ugly and repulsive to them as we ever portrayed them to be, and that we, the human race, are “as valuable as weeds.”) However, they do seem to consider some of us valuable property. One gets the feeling they will continue to use us as they see fit, or, if we ever become a real problem as a group, they would sooner wipe us out than deal with it. ffs! blink

They do not fear us, considering themselves far superior to us by all comparisons. They supposedly consider the surface of this planet to be a poisonous, inhospitable environment and “allow” us to live here, since they live below the surface and in space. (We and our surface environment function as a physical buffer or living shield around their home underground.)

The Greys sometimes treat us more like children than animals. They consider us physically beautiful and healthy; mentally young and fresh. They do fear us, contrary to what they may claim, because they do not understand us. (They have no emotions or individuality; they are of a group mind. Socially and culturally, Greys and humans are very different.) They also fear us because they know we are potentially powerful beings. However, they insist that they “own” us: They say they created us and therefore have the right to do what they will with us.

Beyond this original “right” to interfere with us, they say they have additionally earned the right through their control. Because they can control us on an individual and cultural basis both physically and mentally, they say they “own us”.

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These attitudes are propaganda. Their control over us in any capacity is ultimately very frail due to its very nature. Their control is based on intimidation and advanced technology. As we become more aware, we are harder to control, harder to lie to, harder to confuse. Our technology would definitely be competitive with theirs if we had access to it. Much of the technology we would need to effectively overcome this situation exists now. It just isn’t made available to the public, for economic reasons, as well as “national security.”

The preceding statements about the Greys are based on conversations with them and long observation of them. Impressions about the Reptilians are more general. I have not engaged in conversations with Reptilians, though they have sometimes spoken to me. Most of my experience with them does not include direct communication between me and them.

Almost all of my consciously recalled memories of Reptilians also include Greys, who usually do the communicating between us. Often the Reptilians seem to be present during abductions as observers only, standing off to the side of the action, just watching.

The Reticulans appear to be a highly aware grouping of entities that function as a social memory complex. Individuality appears to exist, but is overshadowed by the group mind.

In order to study the unique, individual consciousness of the human species, the Reticulans are domesticating and cloning a number of humans for experimental purposes.

The aliens are subjecting some humans to processes which enhance intelligence.

The Reticulans are millions of years old as a species and have weakened DNA structure as a result of conflicts which involved nuclear radiation.

The Reticulans have relied on artificial reproduction or cloning and face extinction from incurable genetic diseases.

They are creating hybrid human-Reticulans capable of mating with humans.

The Reptilian (amphibian) humanoids have been interacting with Earth for ages. Many contactees and abductees repeatedly describe an insignia of a Flying Serpent on a shoulder patch, a badge, a medallion or a helmet. The Serpent Race lives under the ground.

The Greys
The Reptilian species directs the efforts of the worker class which are about 4 feet tall. These are currently referred to as Greys or EBEs, and are the largest category likely to be encountered by surface humans. The Greys are really an order of crossbreed between Humans and Reptilian species. There are several other lines of crossbreeds which have been bred for various specific characteristics. Some hybrids have an active pineal eye and are telepathic.

These beings (the Greys) operate very efficiently in the dark. Their eyes are more sensitive to ultraviolet light. They have the ability to control their heart rate. The normal heart rate for a Grey is above that of a human. The skin seems to have a metallic content and an unusual cobalt pigmentation. Many have no external sex organs. Some have been bred to have them.

There are accounts in the legends of Babylon, India, Egypt, South America, Central America and elsewhere that reveal the influence of this other species on our own.

One variety of Reptilian crossbreed is particularly negative and dangerous. This variety, who work with the Draco, originate from a system having much more high energy radiation than on the Earth. These “detrimental beings” do not “eat” in the same way humans do. These hive-like beings use synthetically produced substances, mixed with blood. This slurry is sometimes mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide, which kills the foreign bacteria and viruses. They may also be feeding off the “life essence energy” of the substances. They also seem to “feed” off nuclear energy, and have manipulated humans into developing sources of nuclear power that emit radiation. Nuclear methods involved use neutrons and create radiation. Methods that use positrons emit no radiation.

The “Greys” (the short, “Big Heads”) are mercenaries. They interface with humans in “Secret Societies” and within the Military/Governmental Complex. An interconnected “WEB” manipulates the surface Earth cultures.

Conflict for Control
A covert species war is currently being fought between the Draconian linked cultures and the Orion linked cultures. The truce as applied to Earth is under extreme stress.

The so-called Orion Group is an Empire. Their purpose is conquest then enslavement of the un-elite. These “crusaders” set up bases within Maldek (now destroyed), Mars and Earth.

The Draconian Group is a Confederation. They are the Reptilian Humanoids, with subgroups (The “Serpent Race” from Sirius) and various crossbreeds. They set up bases inside of Venus, the Earth, and other locations. Earth is on their trade route.

Certain contactees have been manipulated by both groups. This has created confusion and was done to discredit these individuals. With this mix of influences and distortions it is no wonder that Earth humans are ripe for enslavement.

The “Harvest” will occur during a period of time to come. The conflict presently underway is for control of the Earth and those here. Humans are “related” to both major extra-terrestrial forces.

Both groups are using and crossbreeding with humans
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