Full Version: Starving to Death in Yemen
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The emaciated frame of 18-year-old Saida Ahmad Baghili lies on a hospital bed in the red sea port city of Hodaida, her suffering stark evidence of the malnutrition spread by Yemen's 19-month civil war.
Baghili arrived at the Al Thawra hospital on Saturday. She is bed-ridden and unable to eat, surviving on a diet of juice, milk and tea, medical staff and a relative said.
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Horrible! No words!
That is horrible and it is only one person. Many more are suffering...
No words!
no words
Who Is Amal Hussain? Yemeni Child in Famous Photo Dies as Saudi Arabia's War Continues …. Amal Hussain, featured last week in a photograph by The New York Times's Tyler Hicks, died of malnutrition Thursday in a refugee camp in northern Yemen, her family told the newspaper. The image of her emaciated frame brought messages from readers offering assistance to the starving child, but they came too late.

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'End war on Yemen's children': conflict escalates around Hodeidah hospital

The escalation in conflict follows US calls for a ceasefire and suggestions that peace talks may be held in Sweden. On Thursday, the Saudi-led coalition said it had attacked Sana’a international airport and an adjoining airbase being used by Houthi insurgents.
“It’s very clear that, despite the call for talks, and despite the call for an agreement on the cessation of hostilities in the next 30 days, the parties are intensifying the fighting – unfortunately, with an incredible impact on children,” said Geert Cappelaere, Unicef’s regional director for the Middle East and north Africa, speaking from Sana’a.


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