Full Version: Hacktivists' who caused multi-million pound losses to PayPal and other websites freed
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A man who hacked into PayPal and other major websites causing multi-million pound losses, has walked free from court today.

Jake Birchall was just 16-years-old when he was part of a computer gang called Anonymous that launched a series of devastating cyber attacks dubbed Operation Payback that ‘caused unprecedented harm’ to Visa, MasterCard and the online payment firm PayPal.

Birchall, who used the nickname FenniC, ran computer servers for the gang for three months while attacks took place in 2010.

They ran a sophisticated and orchestrated campaign of online attacks that paralysed computer systems.

The gang brought down PayPal for ten days causing losses totalling £3.5 million by flooding the website with messages and requests.

Birchall, of Chester, Cheshire was sentenced to 60 hours unpaid work and made the subject of an 18 month youth rehabilitation order and 18 month supervision order.

Last month fellow hackers Christopher Weatherhead, 22, and Ashley Rhodes, 28, who used the online names ‘Nerdo’ and ‘NikonElite’ were jailed for their part in the attacks.

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